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Vision, Mission & Goals
Human Capital Solutions has a vision to ultimately become a global thought leader on visible physical disabilities and related social issues, and be the catalyst for change to enhance the lives of people living with visible physical disabilities and those around them, and empower them to take charge of their lives and own circumstances regardless of limitations, be they physical, emotional or mental.

Currently, Human Capital Solutions strives to provide employers with the integration expertise Sujit K. Reddy has fostered and developed from his corporate world experience. He has already implemented his knowledge and wisdom to enhance the bottom lines of countless clients and is always looking to do the same for new clients.

Human Capital Solutions has multi-tiered approach. We deal directly with employers to assist them with their HR concerns on the “People Side” (i.e. Recruitment, Training, Employee Relations, Diversity). We give keynote presentations, addresses & talks at gatherings, meetings & events to raise consciousness and awareness specifically around people with disabilities. We provide a one on one Success Coaching program to get the individual to where they want to be to live a life they deem is successful. Human Capital Solutions caters to the needs of its’ clients & refuses to provide clients with a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to their individual needs.

In addition to all it does, in 2015, Human Capital Solutions will be providing more inspirational writings (i.e. another co-authored book & a brand new e-newsletter), workshops on various topics including: Social Media, Personal Branding & Business Networking; YouTube videos & Podcasts to help people achieve a more positive mindset and outlook on life in 2015 and beyond.
The History
Human Capital Solutions was originally conceived in 2005. At the time it was just to be a employment agency catering to people with disabilities in the local Greater Toronto Area in collaboration with another employment agency from the City of Mississauga which would be responsible for The Region of Peel. That one idea, 10 years later, has evolved in to so much more!

In Canada & throughout the world, people with disabilities specifically are not being afforded equal opportunities towards being empowered and succeeding in their lives. This section of the wold’s population is one that Human Capital Solutions is focused on assisting, but not exclusively. Human Capital Solutions seeks to help: “Empower People to Empower Themselves!”

The Founder

Sujit K. Reddy

CEO and Founder
Human Capital Solutions
Sujit K. Reddy was born & raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. This meant that he could not stand or walk and as a result was destined to uses a manual wheelchair to move about. In spite of this set back, with the love, support and disciplined upbringing of his two Indian-born parents, two younger sisters, and extended family, he has always excelled at everything he set his mind to.

Sujit K. Reddy is a University graduate who holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from University of Toronto. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from Sheridan College’s School of Business.

Sujit enjoys volunteering his spare time with local causes and travelling locally and internationally. He has spent a lot of time in India, the United States of America and various places throughout Europe and Asia. He always looks forward to do more of both when he can.

Throughout his life Sujit has sought to make the world a better place for all, as he considers himself a “Social Currency Millionaire”, meaning he has a lot to offer personally and continues to do so every day.